Map of Calvary Cemetery

How to Find Grave Locations at Calvary Cemetery

Download the Cemetery Map, this allows you to enlarge it to find the Block, Lot, and Grave space.

To find graves that begin with a letter and then a direction, example: K(No) or F(So). Start by finding the North (No) or South (So) Section on the cemetery map. Then find the lettered column (example: K or F) across the top of the section and follow that column down to the correct Lot number. The grave will be in that lot.

Example: To find grave Block K(No) – Lot 16 – Grave East 1, you would first find the North Section of the cemetery.  Along the top of the North Section, find the column K.  Follow the K column down until you find Lot 16. This lot 16 is where grave East 1 will be located.