Plan Ahead

When a loved one dies, it can shatter the world of those left behind. In addition to grief and sadness, they take on the stress of tending to necessary matters and the financial burden of a funeral service and burial, if prearrangements have not been made.

Ease the burden on your loved ones.

To relieve your family’s emotional stress and financial burden when a death occurs, consider a preplanned Catholic funeral or burial. A little planning now can save your loved ones a lot of hardship later. In addition to detailing your wishes, and providing all the important information, a preplanned funeral ensures the sacred Catholic funeral rites supported by your faith community. It can also reduce, or eliminate, the cost to your family at the time of your death.

Blessings of a preplanned Catholic funeral:

  • Ensures sacred Catholic funeral rites
  • Provides comfort to your loved ones
  • Handles all the details and paperwork
  • Reserves the ceremony and memorialization you want
  • Relieves financial burden to your family
  • Guarantees current prices and avoids inflation
  • Protects your investment
  • Provides peace of mind

Talk to your loved ones

Take some time to talk to your family about your funeral and burial wishes. Then, when you are ready, contact your funeral home of choice to discuss preplanning a Catholic funeral.