Why A Catholic Cemetery

Our faith teaches us that, even after death, the body retains a special purpose, preparing for the moment of resurrection. For generations, it has been the duty of the Catholic Church to care for its members, a responsibility that extends beyond this life.

More than a place to bury the dead, Catholic cemeteries are holy grounds for worship and prayer, similar to churches. They are sanctuaries where the Catholic faith, both in life and death, is celebrated and honored. They witness our devotion to Jesus and the faith we share in the Resurrection. Catholic cemeteries are sacred because they hold the relics of the Communion of Saints, who are already experiencing the joy of eternal life. They are a link to our Lord in Heaven.

The Catholic burial affirms many sacred beliefs, including:

  • The sanctity of all human life
  • The dignity of the person
  • The resurrection of Jesus Christ and of His faithful followers
  • Death is an occasion to comfort, grieve and embrace human mortality
  • The respect that is to be shown for the bodies of the dead
  • The importance of remembering the dead and offering prayers for them
  • The need for the Church to provide a ministry of consolation to those who mourn